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Lily's Kitchen Classic Recipes for Dog Multipack

Lily's Kitchen Classic Recipes for Dog Multipack

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Now you can treat your dog to our classic recipes as a mixed 12 pack!.

With this selection of 4 different, nutritionally complete and naturally delicious dog food recipes, your four-legged friend can enjoy sampling their own menu of scrumptious suppers. Whichever recipe they choose, it’ll be made with fresh, nutritious meat, vibrant vegetables and botanical herbs. And thanks to top notch ingredients and a clever chef, each healthy, balanced meal will be utterly irresistible to your dog.

We make our recipes with wholesome, natural ingredients - freshly prepared or fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs - to produce a delicious, digestible food for dogs. We only ever use proper meat in our recipes: no meat meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat. Our unique recipes don’t contain any cheap fillers - like wheat, corn or soya - and they don’t contain any nasties.

  • Multipack of nutritionally complete, wet dog food - cottage pie, chicken & turkey casserole,  lamb hotpot, sunday lunch
  • Nutritionally complete wet food for dogs 4 months +
  • Made with freshly prepared meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Made with proper meat - no meat meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat
  • No derivatives, preservatives or fillers - all natural healthy goodness

At Lily’s Kitchen we believe pets are family. It’s where we started and what we’re really all about. We love our family. We think our family deserve proper food. What’s proper food you ask? Delicious recipes packed full of freshly prepared, nutritious ingredients. Proper food is food you can trust, labelling you can understand, made by people who care and want to do a bit of good. We think cats and dogs need all the love and support we can give them to live healthy, happy lives, ruling the roost, drooling on your freshly mopped floor. Lily’s Kitchen is proud to do just that.


12 x 400g - Multipack