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Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen Dog Beef Goulash 400g

Lily's Kitchen Dog Beef Goulash 400g

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An irresistible, hearty, complete recipe made with freshly prepared beef.
Each scrumptious serving is packed full of wholesome, tasty vegetables -pumpkin, spinach (contains lots of dietary fibre for healthy digestion) and red peppers (packed with Vitamins A, C and E).
We also add in our unique blend of healthy herbs to give your dog some extra goodness in their meal.

What makes our food special?
This recipe is carefully crafted using natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. Full of real, top notch freshly prepared meat and vegetables, it's completely free from nasty meat meals and fillers.

With pumpkin, carrots red peppers, Freshly Prepared Proper Meat, Wholesome Vegetables, Complete Nutrition, Vet approved recipe

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Daily Feeding Guidelines
This is a nutritionally complete pet food for adult dogs 4 months +. It has everything your dog needs to stay healthy. Serve it at room temperature with a bowl of fresh water nearby.

Dog Size: 1-5kg, Grams Per Day: 70-410g
Dog Size: 6-10kg, Grams Per Day: 265-685g
Dog Size: 11-15kg, Grams Per Day: 420-930g
Dog Size: 16-25kg, Grams Per Day: 550-1365g

Use this chart as a general guide along with your own experience, as the servings can vary with age, breed, exercise and even weather. For overweight dogs, base your daily serving on target weight, not actual weight.