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Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen White Fish and Salmon Complete Adult Dry Cat Food

Lily's Kitchen White Fish and Salmon Complete Adult Dry Cat Food

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The catch of the day for your cat is our Fisherman's Feast complete dry food recipe.

Made with 70% freshly prepared fish, your cat will adore the tempting smell and delicious taste. And you'll love how healthy this food makes them - as well as all the thank you purrs.

Our recipes for cats are grain free and contain no meat meal or other nasties, just wonderful meaty greatness - the meat, fish and offal that cats thrive on. In fact, we only use top notch, natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, which means they're naturally healthy for your cat too.

As cats like to graze, this complete and balanced dry food is perfect for your cat to snack on throughout the day. It's also a brilliant everyday recipe to feed alongside our wet food and is full of goodness to help nourish them inside and out.

Proper food for cats, With freshly prepared proper fish, No fish meal or fillers, Adult complete nutrition, White fish with salmon + vitamins & minerals, 70% fish, Delicious food your cat will love you for, Grain free recipe, Vet Approved recipe, Ethical Award - The Ethical Company Organisation.


350g - White Fish & Salmon