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Liquivite Kitten Wet Cat Food

Liquivite Kitten Wet Cat Food

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Liquivite may be used to feed and rehydrates sick, convalescent, post-operative or anorexic cats, which cannot or will not take solids or drink liquids. Liquivite is smooth enough for syringe feeding when appetite is absent, and readily consumed as appetite returns. Importantly, Liquivite may help to replace fluid when dehydration has occurred, or is a risk.

Essential vitamins and minerals are included, at levels suitable for cats under stress conditions. Liquivite contains fish oil, supplying Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which may boost the immune system. A pre-biotic is included, to feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut and rosemary may act as a natural anti-oxidant, is also added, as is yeast.

  • Levels of vitamins and minerals meet the requirements of the cat when under stress conditions
  • The meats, eggs, milk and yeast provide a balanced amino acid profile in a readily assimilated peptide form. The yeast also contributes B vitamins content and is a source of nucleotides
  • Fish Oils provide omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, important to the immune system
  • The natural anti-oxidant has a two-fold role, firstly it may preserve the food against fat oxidation, and then once absorbed act in the animal's body to protect it against free radicals
  • The pre-biotic, may profeed and promote the beneficial bacterial population of the intestine
  • Cereals, poorly utilised by cats, are not included in Liquivite
  • Of the copper inclusion, 30% is chelated, to make it more available to the animal
  • Taurine is added, which may be particularly important in perfecting eyesight in cats