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Mark & Chappell

Mark & Chappell VetIQ Flea Guard Tablets for Cat & Dogs

Mark & Chappell VetIQ Flea Guard Tablets for Cat & Dogs

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Mark & Chappell VetIQ Flea Guard Tablets offers a natural protection against fleas, lice, ticks and other insects. VetIQ Flea Guard tablets contain a totally natural unique blend of ingredients which aid in the control of fleas & ticks. No drops to put on the back of the neck; no lasting chemicals in your pets' skin or bloodstream. VetIQ Flea Guard Tablets also reduces that wet dog smell and keeps your pet free from odours, whilst also keeping their coat glossy & skin healthy. Flea Guard can be used safely in conjunction with insecticide products.

  • Natural flea and tick repellent
  • Produces an odour that insects find unpleasant
  • Fortified with nutrients
  • No adverse drug reactions
  • Leaves no pesticide residue
  • Helps reduce doggy smells
  • This product does not contain added salt, sugar or preservatives

90 Tablets