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Pet Brands Rac Dog Car Harness

Pet Brands Rac Dog Car Harness

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RAC Car Dog Harness

Your pets can be kept safe in the car using our large car harness. You simply need to plug it into the seat belt to prevent them from distracting you as they won’t be able to move or jump around too much, however the design of the harness means that it distributes the mass of the dog over a wider surface so they will be protected in an emergency situation.

Its padded chest and soft strong nylon pads create extra comfort. It has a fully adjustable strap, fits most seat belt systems and can be used as a walking harness once you have reached your destination.


Key benefits of RAC Car Dog Harness include:

- Soft nylon pad for optimal comfort - Larger surface area - Fully adjustable strap allows for comfortable seating and standing

- Can double up as a reliable walking harness - RAC branded - Works with any seatbelt - Lightweight and comfortable - Easy to fit - Essential dog safety travel accessory


Large - 51-76cm (20 – 30 inches)