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Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Chicken Pumpkin and Pea Wet Food Multipack

Pooch & Mutt Chicken Pumpkin and Pea Wet Food Multipack

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Complete Wet Food.Tasty chicken with chunks of pumpkin, whole peas & carrots.Bursting with fresh ingredients that do good and taste good.Over 99% natural ingredients shown in italics. As our food is made where grains may be present there's a tiny chance that some may have snuck in. We do everything in our power to prevent this.Good Shopping Guide - Ethical Company, Grain and junk free, Good mood food for dogs, Natural ingredients, Prebiotics for digestion, Fresh ingredients, Vet recommendedDitch the can. Help the planet: 100% Recyclable / Lower Carbon Footprint. Reduced Carbon Footprint: 80% lower global warming potential Vs a can. 50% Vs a pouch.If 10bn cans were converted to cartons there would be 150,000 less trucks on the road. The equivalent of 22,000 trips around the world in a 40t truck.


6 x 375g - Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea