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Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Complete Dry Dog Food

Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Complete Dry Dog Food

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Health & Digestion' is a premium, grain free, complete dried dog food for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems. The food is packed with active ingredients, including 45% Scottish salmon as fish tends to be easier for dogs to digest than meat, sweet potato as a digestion-aiding fibre, parsley as a natural deodoriser, probiotics and prebiotics to support your dogs sensitive digestion, charcoal which absorbs gasses in the stomach and psyllium which promotes firm stools. Pooch and Mutts 'Health & Digestion' is vet recommended and made in the EU. Pooch & Mutt 'Health & Digestion' also contain NUTRA-BIONIC which is a unique supplement which contains ingredients that provide digestive help, aid the skin and coat, reduce stool odour and support urinal tract health.

Many dogs struggle to digest foods that are high in grains (including corn and wheat). Intolerance to grain can manifest in many ways, such as digestive discomfort, itchy skin and sub-optimal health.

  • 45% salmonas fish tends to be easier for dogs to digest than meat
  • Probiotics and prebioticsto aid the balance of the good bacteria that promote healthy digestion
  • Parsleyused since the 4th century bc to aid digestion
  • Sweet potatowhich is low gi, high in digestion-aiding fibre and a source of b-vitamins
  • Charcoalused since the days of ancient egypt, especially in cases of flatulence
  • Psylliuma fibre source that promotes firm stools
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to aid joint health probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestive health
  • Omega 3&6, zinc and biotin to aid skin and coat
  • Yucca which can help reduce stool odour
  • Cranberry to aid urinary tract health
  • A full vitamin & mineral package and antioxidants