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Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Turkey & Chicken Wet Dog Food

Pooch & Mutt Turkey & Chicken Wet Dog Food

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Complete Food for excitable dogs with fresh, lean turkey, sweet potato, chamomile, L-Tryptophan, B-vitamin, probiotics and prebiotics to help keep your dog calm & relaxed.This food is formulated with no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, with no grain, cereals or gluten and with Non-GM produce.

Pooch & Mutt: Health & Digestion

A single meat source, complete food to help keep your dog calm & relaxed with: 45% Turkey; an L-Tryptophan-rich protein source, sweet potato; which contains high levels of 'anti-stress' B-vitamins and is both low GI ad high in digestion-aiding fibre, Chamomile; a traditional relaxation aid that has been used for centuries, L-Tryptophan; a natural amino acid that is used to form serotonin, the 'feel good' neurotransmitter, brewers yeast; rich in 'anti-stress' B-vitamins and probiotics and prebiotics; to aid digestion, as digestive discomfort can cause dogs to become stressed.

Condition Appropriate Nutrient Feeding:

A dog's nutritional requirements are based more on their condition that on their size, breed or evolutionary history. For example a dog needing mobility support may benefit more from a protein source rich in omega 3, whereas an anxious dog may benefit more from a protein source rich in L-Tryptophan. Pooch & Mutt aims to provide the best condition-appropriate foods made to the highest standards with the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Used & Recommended by Vets Since 2008:

Since Pooch & Mutt first launched in 2008 the products have been used and recommend by vets, as correct nutrition can be the key to dogs leading a happy, healthy life. Pooch & Mutt's range of condition-appropriate foods has been developed combining both the latest nutritional research and traditional herbal usage to give vets (as well as all dog owners) a key tool to help keep dogs healthy and happy.

Only Pooch & Mutt Foods contain Nutra-Bionic

Nutra-Bionic™ Nutra-Bionic is a unique supplement that includes: Glucosamine and chondroitin to aid joint health probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestive health omega 3&6, zinc and biotin to aid skin and coat yucca which can help reduce stool odour cranberry to aid urinary tract health a full vitamin & mineral package and antioxidants.

Naturally hypoallergenic: formulated without wheat, corn, rice, beef, soya or dairy products, Suitable for all dog breeds and all ages, Ethical, natural, grain-free and award-winning, Ethical Award - The Ethical Company Organisation, Free from grain cereals or gluten, Free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


375g - Turkey & Chicken