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Purina Dentalife Large Adult Dog Daily Chew Treat

Purina Dentalife Large Adult Dog Daily Chew Treat

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Dental chews for dogs, given once daily will help to reduce tartar build-up. These tasty sticks are made from wholesome ingredients and contain vitamin D and calcium. The ridges massage the gumline while the chewing action will clean even the hard to reach teeth. They are low in fat with no added sugar, flavours or colours.

  • Daily oral care
  • Cleans even the hard to reach teeth
  • Chewy porous texture
  • Natural cleaning action
  • Scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up
  • Help reduce plaque build-up
  • Ridges to massage the gumline
  • Deep clean with back mouth action
  • One stick per day
  • Contributes to fresh breath
  • Tasty recipe
  • Wholesome ingredients (corn, wheat)
  • Vitamin D & calcium for strong teeth
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Low in fat
  • No added sugar
  • No added artificial flavours or colours

72 Sticks