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Purina Felix Kitten Cat Food Mixed in Jelly

Purina Felix Kitten Cat Food Mixed in Jelly

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We ensure our kitten food contains all the necessary proteins and minerals that are essential for the early development of your kitten.

Your kitten deserves the best start in life which is why we've developed Felix Kitten Mixed Selection Pack in Jelly to tempt your kitten's taste buds! We've included delicious, tender pieces of meat and fish in our assorted selection of wet food, and combined it with rich jelly that your kitten is sure to love. Our recipes include all the essential vitamins and minerals your kitten needs, supporting their development as they grow.

  • Our recipes include 100% of your kitten's daily needs
  • Proteins, minerals and vitamins help to build strong muscles, bones and teeth
  • Individual pouches make mealtime even more convenient!
  • Developed by Purina vets and nutritionists to provide your kitten with great tasting food

12 x 100g - Mixed Selection