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Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan Opti Start Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - Chicken

Purina Pro Plan Opti Start Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food - Chicken

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Complete Pet Food for Medium Size Puppies. Also Suitable for Gestating/Lactating Bitches.

AL Purina® Pro Plan® we believe that, for a lasting difference in your dog's health, leading-edge science needs to be expertly applied to the nutrition that accompanies your dog throughout his life. That's why our team of pet nutritionists, together with experts veterinarians, have developed for Purina Pro Plan, Optistart®, formulated with a blend of ingredients including colostrum, to help protect your puppy by helping to support a healthy immune system.

Carbohydrates: For energy and good digestion.

Protein: For muscle mass and vital organs.

Fat: For skin, coat and overall vitality.

Vitamins and Minerals: To help maintain healthy bones and teeth and help to support natural defences.

A specific blend of nutrients that helps support Puppy's immune response and helps to maintain strong natural defences.

A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your puppy's active lifestyle.

Discover our Optiderma and Optidigest Puppy range from 8 weeks of age until adulthood.

  • Total dental care
  • Advanced formula - superior level of nutrients
  • No added artificial colours and contains antioxidants of natural origin
  • Specific ingredient to help support natural defences and long term health
  • Enriched with colostrum, helps support puppies' immune response up to 50% more
  • Specially formulated for total dental care
  • Contains high quality pieces of chicken
  • Rich in chicken
  • Pregnancy to puppy plan

3kg - Chicken, 12kg - Chicken