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Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan Opti Weight Light/Sterilised Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

Purina Pro Plan Opti Weight Light/Sterilised Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

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Dog All Sizes Adult Light or Sterilised with optiweight Rich in Chicken We want your dog to have a happy and healthy life, full of all the fun and energy he is capable of. Specially formulated by our vets and nutritionists, pro plan® dog with potiweight® is proven to promote healthy weight loss as part of a balanced dog diet. With extra protein and lower fat levels compared to pro plan®Medium Adult potihealth® dog food, your dog's appetite will be better managed while his muscles and joints are also given the right support. This food contains all the key nutrients your dog needs to help stay healthy, but in a way that helps supports his weight loss. Also suitable for dogs that have been sterilised, optiweight® is a great choice for any dog that would benefit from weight management. Help him maintain lean body mass as body he deserves with our nutritious premium dog food. Helps reduce the feeling of hunger through high protein content, complex carbohydrates and adequate fibre levels.

Optiweight® is a specially formulated, complete balanced dog food for overweight dogs or those that have been sterilised. Suitable for adults of all sizes, this food can help your dog achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, and helping them to stay in good condition. optiweight® is proven to be effective for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance thanks to its high protein, low fat and balanced fibre levels. That means it provides better* management of your dog's appetite, while it also helps him maintain his muscle mass and helps supports his healthy joints. As part of a healthy dog diet and exercise routine, our low fat dog food* can help your pet achieve his weight goals while still providing him with all the nutrients he needs for his day-to-day activities. compared to Medium Adult Dog with optihealth®.

  • Optiweight® is proven effective for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Helps maintain lean body mass during weight loss and after sterilisation
  • A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for your dog's active lifestyle
  • Helps minimise future weight gain through lean body maintenance, encouraging calorie burning
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    3kg - Chicken, 14kg - Chicken