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RelaxoPet Pro Cat Relaxation Trainer

RelaxoPet Pro Cat Relaxation Trainer

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Practically applicable, wireless and without side effects in diverse application situations with behavioral problems. RelaxoPet was developed in a research over 5 years and in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders and pet owners and is available in stores. All RelaxoPet products were exactly matched to the own special hearing of each animal group and include in addition to the inaudible sound recordings lanes 6 (six) more, not audible to the human ear (up to 49.800hz) by mixing primary sound carriers on the RelaxoPet sound module. Stress and anxiety can have very different triggers in animals. Loud and bright fireworks, for example, leads to high levels of stress and panic reactions in almost all animals, as well as a visit to the vet, the feeling of loneliness or an unfamiliar situation, such as travel transport. RelaxoPet successfully helps dogs, cats, horses and birds to reassure the animal in stressful situations, whether in their own home, in a stable, in a cage or in a non-animal environment. The key to relaxation in all animals is the subconscious that RelaxoPet is stimulated by different tone sequences and vibrations. Depending on the sound module, these are exactly matched to the respective group of animals.

RelaxoPet is the protected All-In-One solution to unconscious deep relaxation.

  • Audible / inaudible sound waves
  • Battery
  • USB Flat charging cable
  • 120 min. timer
  • Battery indicator
  • Power indicator
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Quick Reference Guide

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