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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Dry Dog Food

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Complete feed for dogs - Specially for Dachshund puppies - Up to 10 months old.

For your Dachshund puppy, the growth phase is one of the most important life stages. This is the time of many new discoveries and encounters. It’s also the time for a variety of physical changes.

Because your puppy needs particular nutrients to support optimal health at this crucial stage, the food you choose is extremely important.

Suitable for puppies up to 10 months old, Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your puppy in mind.

During this important growth period, your puppy’s immune system develops gradually. Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy contains a complex of antioxidants – such as vitamin E – that help to support your puppy’s natural defences.

Because your puppy is in a curious and explorative phase of life, its activity levels are likely to be quite high. Thanks to an adapted calcium and phosphorus content, Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy contributes to supporting your puppy’s bones and maintaining joint health.

What’s more, Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy’s formula contains a combination of nutrients that have very high quality protein. This protein has been specifically selected due to its high digestibility. In addition, the protein and prebiotics combined help to support your puppy’s digestive health through maintaining a good balance of intestinal flora.

Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy contains kibble that’s tailor-made for puppies of the Dachshund breed. To support your puppy’s dental health, this formula helps to reduce the formation of tartar, thanks to the inclusion of calcium chelators.

At Royal Canin® we’re committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. All of our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food as well as catering to your puppy’s specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your puppy eats Royal Canin® Dachshund Puppy, it’s getting a complete and balanced diet.

Immune System Support: Growth is an essential stage in your dog’s life: it is the time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters. During this key period, the puppy’s immune system develops gradually. Dachshund Puppy helps support your puppy’s natural defences thanks particularly to a complex of antioxidants including vitamin E.

Joint & Bone Support: Dachshund Puppy contributes to supporting the Dachshund puppy’s bones and joints thanks to an adapted calcium and phosphorus content. The exclusive formula also helps maintain ideal weight.

Digestive Health: Combination of nutrients with high quality protein (L.I.P.) and prebiotics (FOS) to support digestive health and balance of intestinal flora, which contributes to good stool quality. Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Exclusive Kibble: Dental health this formula helps reduce the risk of tartar formation thanks to calcium chelators.