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Royal Canin Hepatic Adult Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Hepatic Adult Dry Cat Food

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Complete dietetic feed for adult cats.

The Royal Canin® Gastrointestinal Tract range is designed to support cats with diverse digestive tract disorders, including liver conditions. For cats that suffer with liver disease – such as chronic liver insufficiency – a tailored, hepatic diet that contains supportive nutrients can help to support healthier liver function. Royal Canin® Hepatic is a tailor-made diet that is formulated to support the nutritional needs of adult cats with liver problems. This exclusive kibble diet is available in either 2 kg or 4 kg bags. Royal Canin® Hepatic contains specifically adapted levels of high-quality proteins. The combination of these proteins helps to support liver function. Copper accumulation can happen in some liver diseases, and Royal Canin® Hepatic’s low copper content can therefore help to minimise copper accumulation in your cat’s liver Royal Canin® Hepatic has a high energy content to help reduce the volume of your cat’s meals and decrease their intestinal load while providing the energy they need. As part of the Royal Canin® Veterinary Range, it is important that this product is only given to your pet when recommended by a veterinary professional. At Royal Canin® we’re committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. All our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food, as well as catering to your cat’s specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your cat eats Royal Canin® Hepatic, he or she is getting a complete and balanced diet.

Adapted Protein Content: Adapted levels of high quality proteins to support liver function in case of chronic liver insufficiency.

Low Copper: Low level of copper to help minimise its accumulation in liver cells.

High Energy: A high energy content to reduce meal volume and decrease intestinal load.

S/O Index: This product creates a urinary environment unfavourable to the formaton of stuvite and calcium oxalate stones.


2kg, 4kg