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Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult Wet Dog Food - Loaf in Gravy

Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult Wet Dog Food - Loaf in Gravy

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Complete feed for dogs - Specially for adult and mature Pomeranians - Over 8 months old (loaf).

A diet that is specially tailored to support your dog’s breed-specific needs is key to supporting their overall health and wellbeing. Royal Canin® Pomeranian Adult Loaf is a breed-exclusive, tailor-made formula for adult Pomeranian dogs like yours. Royal Canin® Pomeranian Adult Loaf contains an adapted mineral content and other specific nutrients to help support the health of your dog’s bones, joints, cartilage, and ligaments. This formula also helps to support the natural barrier role of your dog’s skin and nourish the Pomeranian’s beautiful coat. This is thanks to the inclusion of fatty acids such as borage oil, EPA, and DHA. Royal Canin® Pomeranian Adult Loaf contains highly digestible, high quality proteins that help to support healthy digestion. The balanced blend of fibres contributed towards supporting a healthy internal transit and an optimal stool quality. Prebiotics and Psyllium are included in this recipe to further support your dog’s intestinal health. To appeal to each dog’s appetite, Royal Canin® Pomeranian Adult is also available as dry food with crunchy, tailor-made kibble that’s specifically crafted to suit the size and shape of the Pomeranian’s jaw. If your dog enjoys a diet of both wet and dry food, be sure to check the on-pack feeding guides to make sure you provide an accurate amount of each. We believe that every dog is unique, which is why each individual recipe in the Royal Canin® Breed Health Nutrition range provides complete and balanced nutrition to support breed-specific traits.

Bone & Joint Support: 'Contributes to supporting the Pomeranian''s healthy bones and joints with an adapted mineral content. Enriched with EPA & DHA.'.

Adapted Texture Appetite Stimulation Loaf: A smooth texture to help stimulate the Pomeranian's finicky appetite.

Healthy Skin & Coat: Helps maintain skin health and nourishes the coat with adapted levels of EPA & DHA and omega-6 fatty acids.

Digestive Health: Helps support a healthy transit and optimal stool quality with high quality proteins and a balanced supply of dietary fibres.


12 x 85g - Loaf in Gravy