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Royal Canin Veterinary Care Fibre Response Adult Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Care Fibre Response Adult Dry Cat Food

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Complete food for adult cats.

What your cat eats has a significant impact on their general health and wellbeing. Their diet – including the digestibility of the diet and its nutrient composition – directly contributes to the health of their entire body. That’s why your cat’s digestive system can benefit from nutrients that are easy to both absorb and digest. Digestive sensitivities can be alleviated by specifically tailored nutrients that help to support healthy digestion and transit. Available in 2 kg and 4 kg bags, Royal Canin® Fibre Response is specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of cats with specific digestive issues. Royal Canin® Fibre Response boasts a highly digestible formula that’s packed with supportive nutrients, as well as the right mix of fibres. This diet mainly contains soluble fibres such as psyllium, which can help support healthier digestion in cats with constipation, by softening their stools. Thanks to its adequate energy content, Royal Canin® Fibre Response also helps your cat to maintain an ideal bodyweight to further support their general wellbeing. As part of the Royal Canin® Veterinary Range, it is important that this product is only given to your pet when recommended by a veterinary professional. At Royal Canin® we’re committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. All our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food, as well as catering to your cat’s specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your cat eats Royal Canin® Gastrointestinal Fibre Response, he or she is getting a complete and balanced diet.

Digestive Support: A highly digestible formula with balanced fibres, including prebiotics, to support a healthy digestion and transit.

Easy Transit: Specific formulation (including high levels of psyllium) to help maintain a healthy transit.

Adequate Energy: Adequate energy levels to maintain a healthy bodyweight.

S/O Index: This product creates a urinary environment unfavourable to the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate stones.


2kg, 4kg