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Scalibor Collar for Small/Medium Dog

Scalibor Collar for Small/Medium Dog

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The Scalibor Collar offers up to six months' protection against ticks, mosquitos and sand flies.

  • Deters ticks and sand flies for five to six months
  • Has an anti-feeding effect on mosquitos for up to six months
  • Patented technology releases insecticide/acaricide slowly
  • Odourless
  • Active ingredient, deltamethrin, safe for dogs
  • Safe for pets who are pregnant or lactating
  • Can be used on puppies aged seven weeks or older
  • Effective after one week
How it works

The Scalibor Collar uses a patented technology to slowly release chemicals that deter blood-sucking insects including mosquitos, sand flies and ticks through an anti-feeding effect which stops them from biting your pet. The active ingredient is deltamethrin, one of the safest types of insecticide. As it is generally effective after one week, the collar should be worn a week before likely exposure to infestation. Its odourless design makes it easy for your dog to adapt to wearing it and it is also safe for use on pregnant or lactating dogs.

Note that, although the collar works while wet, you should keep your dog out of the water while wearing, as the active ingredient is toxic to fish and other aquatic life. Your dog shouldn't swim for the first five days of wearing the collar.

When to use it

Some pests, like ticks, are at their worst during the summer months. Others, like mosquitos and sand flies, can pose a threat in hotter climes: a worry if you like to bring your pet abroad with you. Insect bites can be painful and itchy, but they can also result in serious blood-borne illnesses. Protects against phlebotomines sand flies which can transmit leishmaniosis. All of these have serious health consequences, so it's important to be vigilant.