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Specific Allergy Management Adult Wet Dog Food - Lamb

Specific Allergy Management Adult Wet Dog Food - Lamb

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Specific™ veterinary food for dogs

Specific™ offers a complete high quality product range within life stage diets for healthy pets and therapeutic diets for management of clinical conditions to provide pets with the best nutritional platform throughout their life. Specific™ diets consist of a selection of high quality raw materials and offer both high digestibility and palatability.

All Specific™ diets are sold exclusively through veterinarians to ensure that pet owners are always given optimal nutritional advice. Specific™ are developed and produced in scandinavia by dechra veterinary products. The Specific™ diets from dechra are developed in close collaboration with veterinarians, vet nurses and experts in animal nutrition.

The range of Specific™ diets consists of complete life-stage diets for healthy cats and therapeutic diets for the management of clinical conditions. To make sure that you always get the diet that suits your cat, Specific™ is sold only through veterinarians.

No prescription is required to purchase Specific™ veterinary dog food from; pet supermarket®

Specific™ food allergy management

  • Highly digestible ingredients to facilitate full digestion of the food
  • A reduced fibre level to increase the digestibility
  • Limited number of ingredients

Specific™ food allergy management is a nutritionally; complete, balanced hypoallergenic diets which contain a restricted number of ingredients. The clinical signs of food allergy or intolerance (mainly dermatological and gastro-intestinal problems) can be avoided by providing a diet which does not contain the allergen concerned. By using only a limited number of ingredients to which the animal has never or only rarely been exposed, the probability of hypersensitivity occurring following feeding of Specific™ food allergy management is minimized.

In order to prevent symptoms of adverse food reactions, it is essential that no foodstuffs other than the hypoallergenic diet are given.

6 x 300g - Lamb