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The Golden Paste Com

The Golden Paste Com TurmerEase Turmeric Chicken Slices

The Golden Paste Com TurmerEase Turmeric Chicken Slices

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TurmerEase is a tasty turmeric and chicken supplement slice. They are a delicious, alternative way to provide daily turmeric to your pet. Specifically formulated to enhance the bio availability of Turmeric. Add to your pet's daily feeds or alternatively when you feel the Turmeric supplement is required

High Meat content
Grain Free
5.1% Curcumin
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
Contains ingredients to enhance the bio-availability of Turmeric

TurmerEase turmeric chicken slices are a specifically formulated supplement to support healthy joints and aid digestion; having positive effects on the micro-flora that occur naturally within the stomach. They promote general health and well being, supporting the body's natural inflammation processes and helping the integrity of the natural defence mechanisms. You can expect to see healthy skin and a shiny coat - promoting wellness from the inside out.

If using the supplement for the first time, introduce it slowly into your pet's diet. Results should show within the first few weeks of using TurmerEase.


300g - Chicken