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Thrive Premiumplus Chicken with Turkey Dry Cat Food

Thrive Premiumplus Chicken with Turkey Dry Cat Food

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PremiumPlus Chicken with Turkey is made using 90% chicken and turkey; an exceptionally high meat content for dry cat food. It's the perfect balance of easily-digestible, high-quality chicken and turkey with sweet potato and potato, resulting in a very low carbohydrate content (9.5%). We've added high-quality salmon oil to provide Omega-6 (4.5%) and Omega-3 (0.7%) oils, resulting in an irresistible complete food that offers all the vitamins, minerals and taurine your cat needs.

Cereal and grain-free, Thrive PremiumPlus uses a small amount of low-glycemic sweet potato and potato to bind the protein together. These ingredients are low fat, hypoallergenic and easily digestible - ideal for cats with wheat intolerances or sensitive stomachs.

Nutritionally complete, and vet approved, made with natural ingredients. Contains no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

As strict carnivores, cats require a diet that is rich in meat and fish to provide them with the right nutrients. Conventional dry cat food can be high in carbohydrates and low in protein - with sometimes as little as 4% meat. Now, using state-of-the-art technology, we've created a new breed of dry cat food with unparalleled amounts of protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs to Thrive. Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken has a extremely high meat content of 90%.

No two cats are identical so the amounts shown in the table are a guide only. Your cat may require a little more or less depending on activity levels and their own personal requirements. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available to your pet at feeding times.


1.5kg - Turkey & Chicken