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Trixie Non-Slip Coating Dog Car Boot Cover

Trixie Non-Slip Coating Dog Car Boot Cover

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Keep your dog comfortable and your car clean with the Trixie Boot Cover.

  • Specially designed to fit your car
  • Anti-slip base keeps it secure while in transit
  • Covers your boot floor and side upholstery
  • Fully removable, while roll-out nylon flap protects the car's bumper
  • Can be washed in the machine at 30°c

What it's for

Travelling in a car can be stressful for some dogs - unfamiliar noises and hard surfaces don't always make for the smoothest of journeys. The Trixie Boot Cover is specially designed to make travelling comfortable for your dog, giving them a cosy, car-adapted bed to lie in. They'll soon become familiar with its scent over time, giving them extra assurance when they most need it. You can leave this fleece bed in the car boot, making journeys to the park or vet fuss-free. The Trixie Boot Cover also protects the boot of your car from muddy paw prints, and it's machine washable, too.

How it works

Made from hard-wearing yet soft fleece, this dog bed is specially designed to fit into the boot of your car. A non-slip base keeps it in place while you drive, while the padded, raised sides make it comfortable for your dog to lean on or even nap inside. The durable nylon fleece fabric is soft and washable, yet fully protects your boot floor from moulting fur, mud and wet paws. The bed also includes a removable mat that can be rolled out over the bumper to stop paws from scratching the surface as your pooch hops into the car.

  • Dimensions: 95 x 75 centimetres (l x w)

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