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VetPlus Synoquin EFA Sprinkle Capsules for Medium Dog

VetPlus Synoquin EFA Sprinkle Capsules for Medium Dog

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Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement Medium Breed capsules is a nutritious supplement that encourages the growth and maintenance of cartilage and healthy joint formation, offered in a capsule. Synoquin EFA provides essential nutrients which dogs may not receive from their daily diet and is an effective alternative to more traditional drugs for dogs that are suffering from arthritis. More efficient than regular fish oils, Synoquin EFA has been specially formulated with the added ingredient Dexahan (a highly purified form of krill), so that is much more easily absorbed. Key ingredients, such as the naturally occurring Chondroitin and Glucosamine, provide support to the repair and maintenance of joints, allowing dogs to keep active and improve overall health.

Synoquin EFA can be given to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes and is available in a range of specific breed sizes including a Synoquin product for puppies. If your dog is suffering severe problems a six week loading programme is often necessary to allow depleted reserves to be replenished. After six weeks, intake can usually be decreased to a maintenance level.


120 Capsules