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Vets Kitchen

Vets Kitchen Healthy Skin Supplement for Dog

Vets Kitchen Healthy Skin Supplement for Dog

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Knowledge and expertise: Omega 3 fatty acids known to reduce skin inflammation. Oat Groats containing avenanthramides which are known to sooth dry, itchy skin. Vitamins A and E which are essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Hypoallergenic: Formulated without the common allergens to dogs, beef, wheat, soya and dairy.

Easy to use: The ketchup style bottle allows for easy use whilst keeping it fresh.

Tasty chicken: We use natural chicken to flavour the supplement which aids palletability and taste.

Nothing added: Contains no artificial colours or flavours.

Vet's Kitchen's Healthy Skin supplement comes in a delicious chicken flavoured sauce. The squeezy bottle makes it easy to administer and each bottle lasts a medium sized dog 30 days. Formulated for dogs with a dull coat or itchy, flaky skin it contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A & E and oat groats supplying avenanthramides. Having our own on-site first opinion veterinary practice we see hundreds of pets everyday. Our vets and nurses understand their health needs better than anyone so we take this knowledge and vet know-how and add it into every bag of Vet's Kitchen food.

  • Caring from the inside out
  • ALA omega 3 fatty acids derived from flaxseed oil
  • Minimally processed oat groats with avenanthramides
  • 300ml squeezy bottle
  • Delicious, easy to feed chicken sauce
  • Peta not tested on animals
  • Vitamins A and E for general skin conditioning
  • Oat groats - containing avenanthramides, which are used in human supplements for dry, itchy skin
  • No artificial colours or flavours