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Wellness Core Grain-free Kitten Dry Food Turkey with Salmon

Wellness Core Grain-free Kitten Dry Food Turkey with Salmon

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Wellness Core Grain Free Kitten Turkey and Chicken delivers grain free and protein-rich natural nutrition to give your kitten the best start in life. With high quality protein ingredients in a natural, complete and balanced recipe along with a unique blend of wholesome vegetables, superfoods, botanicals and nutritional supplements, this nutrient-dense recipe helps support optimal health and development for growing kittens.

Fresh turkey is the number 1 ingredient to help deliver a higher protein recipe that not only tastes great for even the fussiest kittens but one that also promotes a shiny coat, healthy skin and strong, lean body condition.

No grains and a lowered overall amount of carbohydrates, Wellness Core Kitten does grain free the right way to ensure every bite is packed full of nutrition with no nasty fillers. A naturally hypoallergenic recipe, Wellness Core Kitten is also suitable for sensitive kittens.

Guaranteed level of DHA to support brain and eye development to ensure they have the best start in life. Added antioxidants help boost immunity.

With controlled amounts of fat to fuel daily energy needs but most importantly promote a lean body weight to helps keep kittens in the optimal health for growth.

Dietary Fibre, Prebiotics and Guaranteed Probiotics to support digestive health for sensitive cats as well as improve nutrient absorption/digestion and promote the ideal balance of intestinal bacteria in all cats.

  • Fresh meat first in a high protein, moderate fat and lower carbohydrate recipe promoting optimal healthy growth
  • Grain free
  • DHA & antioxidants supporting developing systems
  • Digestive support from dietary fibre, prebiotics and probiotics

When using the food for the first time, introduce gradually to your kitten's meals over a period of 5-7 days. It will take between 3-8 weeks to see the full benefits of feeding Wellness Core.


300g - Turkey & Salmon