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Zeus Better Bones Rawhide Alternative Duck & Cranberry Twist

Zeus Better Bones Rawhide Alternative Duck & Cranberry Twist

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Dogs love to chew, but traditional rawhide can cause choking and digestive problems. The Better Bones range are safe to chew, easy to digest and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Made from real chicken and easily digestible ingredients, these rawhide free soft treats provide pet parents with a healthy alternative for their dogs. Combining irresistible, mouth-watering flavours with chewy goodness, these provide hours of fun while satisfying your dog's natural chewing instinct and promoting good oral hygiene.

  • Rawhide free
  • Healthy alternative
  • Easy to digest
  • Help maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • 3 different varieties (mini bones, wrapped bones & flavoured twists)
  • 4 different flavours (duck & cranberry, lamb & mint, chicken, rosemary & thyme, almond)

10 per Pack - Duck & Cranberry